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by Peter Shaffer
Bas Bleu Theatre Company
Directed by Robert Braddy
Lighting Design
June 2018




I brought a friend to yesterday's performance of EQUUS and we were absolutely blown away by the powerful performance by David and Cody,
as well as the other performers, then the horses, the staging, the choreography, the turntable, the lighting... nothing was overlooked. This is a
3 hour play but you were completely so engrossed in the play that you didn't realize it was 3 hours.   - Theater patron Marilyn Cockburn

I alsways feel funny saying I like or dislike a play... but this is certain... EQUUS is the best I've seen in Fort Collins. All aspects of the production
are outstanding. Bravo all who participated!!! - Theater patron Joann Thomas

I was at opening night of EQUUS at Bas Bleu. DON'T MISS IT!!! It's a terrific show with magnificent performances, beautiful lighting and a thoroughly
worthwhile evening. Congrats to Director Bob Braddy and your thoroughly professional cast and crew! - Theater patron Don Kraus

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