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Kiss Me, Kate
by Cole Porter
Book by Sam and Bella Spewack
Littleton Town Hall Arts Center
January 2005
Lighting Design
Directed by Bob Wells

The Denver theatre audience is lucky to have Bob Wells back directing the classic, "Kiss Me Kate"
at Town Hall Arts in Littleton. His show is a knock-out.  It is, in fact, the best production of any play,
musical or otherwise, that I have ever seen at Town Hall.  It is musical theatre ice cream!   ...
With married couple Tim and Elizabeth Welch in the roles of the two sparring leads how could we go wrong.
... they have a natural chemistry on stage that gives passionate new life to this old warhorse.
Scott McLean's Lucentio is sensational. The chemistry ignited between this handsome young actor and
beautiful Jenny Hecht (Bianca) makes Town Hall sizzle.  McLean's "Too Darn Hot" raises the room's
temperature several degrees. Hecht's "Always True To You In My Fashion" cools it down just that much
in her extremely well rendered version of the classic.  ...   The magically lively musical tracks have been laid down
by the talented Donna Kolpan Debreceni.  Anita Boland has done some eye-pleasing choreography for the show.
Her Renaissance dance near show's end is splendid.  The lighting by Brian Miller and set design by Stuart Barr are
professionally executed as well.  Not to be missed.
- David Marlowe, Denver Outfront

The road to the Town Hall Arts Center is comfortably paved - not a pothole in sight. Director Robert Wells and many
others deserve their share of credit for this sparkling and sophisticated new production, but fair or unfair, this
run will be remembered most for the breakout performance of young Elizabeth Welch  ... "Kiss Me, Kate" is an
unexpectedly complete, elegant and well-paced evening that harkens to old-time showbiz glamour.
- John Moore, The Denver Post

Littletonís Town Hall Arts Center has outdone themselves with their current production of "Kiss Me, Kate." ...
Stuart Barr designed an appropriate set that points to where the action is without getting in the way of the action.
 Brian Millerís lighting design and Steve Stevens sound design give the right punch at the right time,
emphasizing and even editorializing the fiery intense action steamed up by the characters.  ...
This extraordinarily top-of-the-line production would stand up at the top of the list with any production
of "Kiss Me, Kate" in the country. It is high-class professional, and deserves a much longer run.
- Holly Bartges, Colorado Backstage

Town Hall Arts Center's "Kiss Me, Kate" is one of its best productions ever, with fine voices and the attention
to details in production that gives it that extra finish. Great material and talented performers are certainly
the bottom line in any show, but director Robert Wells, music director Donna Debrecini and the rest of the
production crew - costumes, set, lighting, sound, props - take it that extra step.
- Sonya Ellingboe, Littleton Independent

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