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Some Girl(s)
(Regional Premiere)
The Firehouse Theater Company
Denver, CO
Scenic and Lighting Design, Co-Sound Design, Technical Direction
Directed by Lee Massaro
October 2007

Director A. Lee Massaro does more with LaBute's play than shock us with the evils that men do (the stunts here are of a lesser nature). ... As Guy, Jono Waldman
presents a facile young man whose defenses are nearly impenetrable. His success as a writer of fiction (thinly disguised versions of his romances) has elevated
his arrogance. ... Waldman sports carefully cultivated stubble and a smile so wide it looks painful and as hard as iron.  ... Guy is also a sponge who has
absorbed the women through whom he crashed. In each scene, Massaro smartly dresses him in a style reflecting the woman he visits, all of it taking place in
Brian Miller's perfectly designed hotel room, the same from town to town with a precisely generic quality.   Grade: A-
-  Lisa Bornstein, The Rocky Mountain News

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