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Reginald Rose's
Twelve Angry Men
Adapted by Sherman Sergel
Spotlight Theatre Company
at the John Hand Theater
Denver, CO
Lighting Design
Directed by Linda Suttle
August 2008

It has been a long time since we have seen a courtroom drama done well upon the Denver stage. "Twelve Angry Men" is the exception.
Director Linda N. Suttle has taken a play, which in less gifted hands might have dissolved into a chaotic blur and has instead created
a balanced production whose core concept is always lucidly in crystal clear focus. The sensitively crafted blocking has the miraculous sense
of being purely random and utterly natural. ... The openness of the scenic design gives us a simple room with a long mahogany table. There is a
cutaway restroom adjacent which gives us partial view of the cast as they wash up and splash water on their faces to cool off in brief respite
from the sweltering jury room. The lighting design is beautifully executed by Brian Miller.
- David Marlowe, Denver Out Front

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