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A Folded Flag
Nighthawk Productions at the John Hand Theater
June 2006
Scenic and Lighting Design, Technical Direction
Directed by Christopher Leo

Brian Miller has designed a delightfully dignified set, fostering the time and place to move easily between the 1940s and 1991. With Abigail in
the hospital, the 1940s living area stands in the shadows as it forever does in Abigails tortured mind. While the lighting, also designed by Miller,
zeros in on the 1940s horrendous episodes, the hospital room looms with poignancy echoing what is to come.
- Holly Bartges, Colorado Backstage

The depth created by Brian Miller's set design neatly allows for the illusion of multiple locales in this intimate venue. Miller's lighting
design unobtrusively allows the play to shift in mood from the blues of death and denial to the warm flesh tones of life and renewal in a heartbeat.
Such superb work must be honored.
- David Marlowe, Outfront

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